Trail Systems


From the desert floors along the Colorado River to the plateaus above 10,000 feet, the Grand Valley is home to world-class mountain biking trails in Palisade, Fruita, Loma, Grand Junction, and the Grand Mesa. Whether you’re learning how to mountain bike or a veteran technical rider, there are trails for everyone. 


Shuttle services to and from the trail systems for Bikeboom registrants are provided throughout the event.






18-Road has a family friendly trail system designed with easy climbs and flowy descends at the base of Grand Junction’s famous Book Cliffs. Many small loops allow riders to pass by the main base area to recharge and refresh before going for additional loops. Great for beginners to get a feel of mountain bikes and the singletrack life.

Palisade Plunge


With shuttle drop off, the trail descends 7600 feet in 31 miles with 1,600 feet of vertical climbing. Featuring high alpine climate surrounded by fresh water lakes and evergreen trees before transitioning into high-desert landscape. In which turns more into a near continuous drop down to the Colorado River. Chunky but flowy like The Whole Enchilada. You must be an experienced rider for the plunge!

Lunch Loops – Ribbon downhill


The Ribbon trail at the top of Lunch Loops’ Trail System descends 1,600 feet in three miles (with shuttle). Mostly slickrock at top before the high-climate desert terrain. From there, riders can access the Lunch Loop trail systems with about 40 miles worth of 56 trails for advanced riders. Free Lunch trail has mandatory air drops to those who want to get challenged. Lunch Loops is the closest trail system to Bikeboom HUB.

Powderhorn MTB resort


The lift-assisted mountain bike park includes many beginner and intermediate friendly trails in the Aspen glades overlooking the Grand Mesa, Plateau Valley, and the Chalk Mountains.

Kokopelli Loops


The 140 mile multi-loop trail system overlooking the Colorado River has many options for beginner and expert level riders. The Horsethief Bench loop is our favorite. The trailhead is a hop and skip shuttle ride over from the 18-Road trail system outside Fruita.

Road and Gravel

The Grand Valley has amazing options for independent road and gravel cyclists within the Bikeboom Hub at Camp Eddy. One of many routes include the Colorado National Monument with its deep red rock canyons, giant monoliths, and amazing overlooks of Grand Valley. (Road and gravel bike rentals are not included in the Bikeboom registration)