Join a Club
By joining a bicycle club, you'll receive these benefits:

You'll be able to participate in the club's sponsorship program. This could include competing in the club's team jersey.

You'll receive coaching benefits from the club.

You'll race as part of a team. Since cycling is a team sport, this is crucial for success.

Riding with a club is also a good way to meet people with similar interests, and to quickly improve your riding skills. Most clubs have yearly dues of $5 to $10-a small price to pay for the benefits!

To find out about clubs in your area, contact a local bike store, or e-mail USDCA for information.

Join the USCF
You can become a licensed member of the USCF by filling out a current Racing License Application, available from the Federation office. The benefits you'll receive from your membership include:

Ability to compete in USCF sanctioned races.

Opportunity to qualify for the National Team and participate in international competition.

Accident insurance at USCF sanctioned races.

Cycling USA publication

USCF Rule Book

For a Racing License Application or information on USCF and USDCA programs, please click the envelope below to e-mail:

Email to: usdeafcycling at
Bobby Skedsmo Pittsburg, California


Last updated: March 18, 1998