United States Deaf Cycling Association

The United States Deaf Cycling Association simultaneously sanctioned the first ever events of the national cycling trials and the national mountain bike championships of the same year. These events promoted recruitments and identified the riders for the national and development team members as well as an excellent means to increase awareness of the deaf cyclists across the nation. From these events, we developed a constant pool of talent from which to draw when forming the deaf cycling teams of the future.

Last updated: September 4, 2000  

National Mountain Bike Team

John NordstrandJohn Nordstrand, 30, Vail, Colorado

Joey GreegorJoey Greegor, 24, Vail, Colorado

David WilcoxDavid Wilcox, 31, Lakewood, Colorado

Patrick SluyterPatrick Sluyter, 22, Littleton, Colorado

Sean VirnigSean Virnig, 27, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Development Mountain Bike Team

Robert DakuRobert Daku, 34, Vail, Colorado

Kevin BeachamKevin Beacham, 27, Vail, Colorado

Dale KrohnDale Krohn, xx, Lakewood, Colorado

Scott StaubachScott Staubach, 31, Keene, New Hampshire