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14th World Games of the Deaf in Cologne (Koln), West Germany

Opening date: 23 Jul 1981
Closing date: 1 Aug 1981
Nations: 32
Athletes: 1213
Sports: 12


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Although the United States Deaf Cycling Association ( then known as the National Deaf Cycling Team ) in the Southern California was established with several members. So there was no USA cycling team for the 14th World Games of the Deaf in Cologne (Koln), Germany because the members were not prepared for the international competitions. Art Kruger, the Father of the American Athletic Association of the Deaf (now as the USADSF), came home with a hearty sore because he did not bring the cycling team to the games. So he appointed Bobby Skedsmo as a cycling team coach for the upcoming World Games of the Deaf in Los Angeles in the year 1985.

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