United States Deaf Cycling Association, Inc.

The History of Logo


logo-usdca-history-001a.jpg - 54319 Bytes

July 1975

This logo was first used as the newsletter header.

logo-usdca-history-002a.jpg - 72541 Bytes

April 1986

The logo was never formally selected until February 1989.

logo-usdca-history-003a.jpg - 66024 Bytes

November 1986

logo-usdca-history-004a.jpg - 77250 Bytes

January 1987

logo-usdca-history-005a.jpg - 58472 Bytes

February 1989

This logo was quickly banned because the USCF was using similar logo.

logo-usdca-history-006a.jpg - 46638 Bytes

May 1987

logo-usdca-history-007a.jpg - 82170 Bytes

July 1987

logo-usdca-history-008a.jpg - 75193 Bytes

August 1987

logo-usdca-history-009a.jpg - 77668 Bytes

July 1988

logo-usdca-history-010a.jpg - 65722 Bytes

September 1988

logo-usdca-history-011a.jpg - 40079 Bytes

November 1988

logo-usdca-history-012a.jpg - 67629 Bytes

February 1989

This drafted logo was used when the USDCA became incorporated.

logo-usdca-history-013a.jpg - 68916 Bytes

April 1990

This logo was first printed on the USDCA letterhead.
It was utilized a lot prior to the digital age around 1996.

logo-usdca-history-015a.jpg - 63085 Bytes

June 1990

This pastel color pink was never intended. It was affected by the printing process when an order of 5000 sheets caused the color change of red for the Breakaway newsletter. It was then accepted as is. Turned out to be a nice design.

logo-usdca-history-014a.jpg - 67707 Bytes

February 2006

A minor cosmetic improvement was made to the logo. The red color under the rider was changed from blue. It was supposed to be designed when we placed an order of 5000 sheets 16 years ago but it did not. With the present technology of today, we were able to revise the image of the logo.

The following color for the logo is just for the heck of it.

logo-usdca-history-017a.jpg - 63726 Bytes

logo-usdca-history-018a.jpg - 64220 Bytes

logo-usdca-history-019a.jpg - 68614 Bytes