Common Cycling Terms

Aero Bar: A handle bar that juts forward
Attack: A sudden burst of speed
Biff: A crash
Block: To disrupt a chase by slowing down the pace line
Bonk: A state of exhaustion
Bonus Sprints: Points given in the stage to the first three leaders
Breakaway: Leaving the main group behind
Bridge: To move from one group of riders to another group ahead
Cadence: Pedaling rate
Chainsuck: Where the chain gets caught between the rear wheel and chain stay
Chase: The pursuit
Chasers: Riders involved in a chase
Circuit: One trip over a multi-traveled course
Circuit Race: A multi-lap race on a course of 2 miles or longer
Cleat: A shoe attachment toit to the pedal
Criterium: A multi-lap race on a course of 1 mile or less
Derailleur: Move the chain from one gear sprocket to another
Disk Wheel: A solid wheel without spokes
Domestique: The team rider responsible in providing food and water to his teammates
Draft: A rider close behind another to take advantage of reduced wind resistance
Drops: Lower portion of down-turned handlebars
Echelon: A diagonal line of riders
Feed Zone: An area riders grab”musette bags” filled with food and water
Field: The main group of riders
Field Sprint: A sprint among riders in the main group
Flyer: A surprise attack by a single rider
Flyer: A surprise attack by a single rider
Force the Pace: Increasing the speed of the entire group
Full Tuck: The deep crouch for aerodynamics
Gap: Time between riders and/or groups
General Classification: The overall leaderboard showing a riders cumulative time
Hammer: To ride very hard
Hammered: Totally exhausted
Hang On: To barely maintain contact with a group of riders
Headset: Frame part where the fork, stem, and handlebar are fitted
Hook: To block a following rider
Hooks: The curved potions of down-turned handlebars
Interval: To alternate between forcing the pace and resting
Jump: A sudden burst of speed
Kick: Burst of speed near the finish line
Lead out: To sprint in front of another rider for draft
Mass Start: All riders start at the same time
Neutral Support: Assistance given to a rider other than a teammate
Noodle: To ride at a relative slow, easy pace
Pace Line: A group of riders setting the pace
Peleton: The field
Pinch Flat: A flat tire where the inner tube is pinched by the rim
Prologue: One type of beginning-stage race
Pull: To take a turn at the front of a pace line
Road Rash: Skin abrasion caused by a fall
Scratch Race: All riders cover the same distance from a mass start
Sit in: To get close behind a rider for a draft
Slipstream: The area of lowered wind resistance behind a rider
Spin: To pedal at a high cadence
Team Leader: The rider for whom the team supports
Time Trial: A race in which riders or teams go around the course individually and the fastest time wins.
Toe Clips: Clips or straps that secure the rider’s feet to the pedals
Wind-Out: A sprint that develops slowly, with gradual acceleration to top speed