United States Deaf Cycling Association


Time Frame:

The road and mountain team manager(s) shall be selected for any international competitions.  Team Manager(s) will be expected to participate in any World Deaf Cycling Championship, major international events and Summer Deaflympics. No term!


To select the best possible team manager(s) for the USA Deaf Cycling team in as fair and objective a manner as possible.


Position Announcement:

The United States Deaf Cycling Association (USDCA) will announce team manager vacancies whenever needed.

Announcements shall include the following:

  • The type of position (discipline)
  • Information on where to find eligibility and qualification requirements for the position
  • Procedures by which candidates must submit required materials in support of their application
  • Deadline

  • All procedures and selection criteria shall be published on the USDCA website. Team manager vacancies shall be announced on this site and shall be distributed through, but not limited to, email, affiliated cycling organizations, deaf sport federations, deaf publications and selected other publications wherever practical.


    In order to be considered for a position managing a team, the candidate must meet eligibility requirements. Minimum eligibility requirements are:

  • United States citizenship
  • Age 25 or older
  • A valid driver's license
  • Has a good acknowlege of cycling stuff
  • Ability to communicate with team members who are deaf/hard of hearing

  • Selection Committee:

    Upon announcement of a team manager vacancy, USDCA will convene a Selection Committee for the purpose of reviewing and selecting the team manager(s).

    This committee will be composed of three USDCA members:

  • One board member, agreed upon by the USDCA board. The President may not serve in this role.
  • One USDCA member, nominated by the USDCA President and approved by the USDCA board
  • The most recent qualified Deaflympics cycling team manager or coach if any. If the most recent team manager is not available or is not qualified due to involuntary removal from the position, the next most-recent team manager is selected. If no previous team manager(s) are available for participation, a recent member of the US Deaf Cycling team may be selected by the USDCA board.

  • All committee members must:

  • agree to support the USDCA Principles of Team Manager Selection;
  • not have any potential conflict of interest; and
  • not be a current member of the US Deaf Cycling team or be considering trying out for the team.

  • The Selection Committee will adhere to all team manager selection procedures in the consideration of each candidate for each team manager position, including ensuring that candidates are eligible and all information submitted by candidates is accurate.

    Selection Process:

    The selection of the team manager staff is an important step in the process. In order to be selected to manage a team, the candidate must meet the eligibility requirements as specified above. If the candidate meets the eligibility requirements, the team manager selection process is as follows:

    1. The USDCA President announces the vacancy(ies).
    2. Candidates for team manager nominate themselves and provide proof of their eligibility.
    3. Candidates provide their qualifications (years of experience, coaching/managing levels, approaching to managing/coaching) to the Selection Committee for review.
    4. The Selection Committee reviews all candidates and interviews all qualified candidates.
    5. The Selection Committee makes the final selection and discusses candidates with the USDCA President.
    6. The USDCA President ensures that the Selection Committee has adhered to all selection procedures, the process has been fair and objective, and the nominated team manager is eligible and qualified.
    7. The USDCA President will submit the name of the team manager to the USADSF board.
    8. After receiving approval from the USADSF board, the USDCA President will inform the new team manager of the appointment and announce the team manager's selection.

    NOTE: If the nominee is not approved, the entire team manager selection process begins again and additional candidates are reviewed.

    Due Process:

    Candidates have right to due process in accordance to the USDCA and USADSF by-laws if they feel the selection process has not been followed properly.

    Coaching Term and Expectations:

    Duration of the team manager term:

    team manager(s) serve no term starting immediately after making an announcement and continuing until they are no longer interested.


    In order to maintain the team manager role and represent the USA at international competitions, the team manager must comply with the following requirements:

    1. Responsibilities - The team manager serves as the primary and official contact for the team in all communications with USDCA and USADSF. team manager responsibilities include:

    a. Selection, preparation, and supervision of team members.
    b. Timely completion and submission of applications and forms.
    c. Maintenance of high ethical and sportsmanship standards, both in preparation and in competition.
    d. Compliance with policies of the USDCA/USADSF, UCI, and any international events in which the USA Deaf Cycling team is participating.

    2. Conduct - The team manager is required to sign and abide by the USADSF's Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by the code of conduct will result in dismissal from the team. The team manager will also be disqualified if the team manager:

    a. Shows unsportsmanlike behavior and/or uncooperative behavior; or
    b. Engages in discrimination based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, socioeconomic status or any basis proscribed by law.
    c. Participates in, supports, or conceals the use of performance-enhancing substances; or
    d. Engages in sexual intimacies with current athletes; or
    e. Fails the background check; or
    f. Provided false or misleading information relating to the application or supporting documents submitted as part of the team manager's candidacy; or
    g. Provided false or misleading information on any application, form, report, or any other type of documentation filed as part of the team manager's duties; or
    h. Fails to cooperate with official staff in an inquiry; or
    i. Is a recipient of USDCA, USADSF or UCI disciplinary action procedure; or
    j. Voluntarily resigns after being selected as team manager.

    3. Performance maintenance - The team manager is required to:

    a. Maintain team manager duties including:
    i. Recruiting cyclists for the team;
    ii. Preparing the team for any international competition;
    iii. Monitoring cyclists' training and racing performance;
    iv. Designing training programs; and
    v. Coordinating the team's participation in all international cycling events.
    b. Successfully complete any courses/workshops required by USDCA and/or USADSF.
    c. Comply with USDCA's Athletes Selection Process.
    d. Attend the USA Deaflympics training camp and/or Deaflympics events.

    Failure to do any of the above may result in the team manager being removed from the position.

    4. Paperwork - The team manager is responsible for completing all paperwork requirements in connection with the selection of US Deaf Cycling team members and the team manager and the team's participation in any event. This includes, but is not limited to:

    a. Submitting detailed reports to USDCA regarding the rationale behind each athlete's selection for each event
    b. Completing all applications and related paperwork for team participation in events
    c. Liaising between athletes and official bodies in the completion of individual paperwork requirements for event participation
    d. Completing all paperwork required for the team manager's participation in individual international events
    e. Paying the fee required of all participants under the oversight of USADSF and providing proof of being in compliance with all USADSF requirements for participants, within 30 days of being selected as team manager
    f. Preparing and submitting reports upon request of USDCA or USADSF

    5. Training camp - In the case of Deaflympics, the team manager is expected to fully coordinate, attend, and team members during a 7 to 11 day training camp prior to the Deaflympics.

    Failure to comply with any of the expectations above will be grounds for removing the team manager from the team.

    Revised on 1 June 2020.