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2017 California Deaf Wheeler Membership

1. Bernstein, EthanFremont, California
2. Bernstein, PatFremont, California
3. Blair, RufusSan Jose, California
4. Call, DavidLivermore, California
5. Call, DebbieLivermore, California
6. Dingel, Heidi ?, California
7. Dingel, Nathan ?, California
8. Gonzales, LenPleasanton, California
9. Jones, ChrisMorgan Hill, California
10. Koetz, GrahamFremont, California
11. Koetz, MarthaFremont, California
12. LaCosse, EugeneFremont, California
13. Lamberton, JackFremont, California
14. Lambeton, JuddieFremont, California
15. Malzkuhn, MaxFremont, California
16. Martin, DavidFremont , California
17. McGill, AliceGold River, California
18. Meadows, Ken?, California
19. Morrison, BobFremont, California
20. Murillo, TomFremont, California
21. Orman, StevePleasanton , California
22. Osbrink, RoryFremont, California
23. Peterson, DavidSan Francisco, California
24. Romano, VincentLivermore , California
25. Skedsmo, BobbySurprise, Arizona
26. Skedsmo, FrancineSurprise, Arizona
27. Ventura, PauloMurrieta, California
28. Wood, RonSan Ramon, California
29. Wood, SylviaFremont, California


How do I get my name listed?  To join CDW, just send $10 cash or make a check payable to David Peterson - 367 Lexington Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 and write-in CDW on the Memo line.  They will add your name on the CDW list as well as the USDCA list.

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